HTMT has a unique business model of an operating Information Technology company drawing on synergies arising out of its various media and telecom assets. The company believes that convergence is an ongoing process, occurring at various intersections and transaction cycles across all sector defaults of industries.

Business opportunities are most interesting in the technology, media and telecom sectors given their nature of being consumer driven businesses.

With proliferation of different service offerings and ubiquitous nature of technologies, HTMT is entering into an era where multiple technologies will be used to deliver applications such as entertainment, commerce and communications combined with the challenge of a common billing and client management system.

HTMT would strive to achieve the highest level of performance in a world of convergence by combining the formerly separate disciplines of Technology and Media, Telecommunication.

HTMT is well equipped with the technological and human resources to realize the business potential resulting from the cusp of ITES wave and also provide quality on-sight and off-shore IT services and customer care.

HTMT is confident of achieving better results year on year and is committed to realizing its vision to become a leader in IT business within a reasonable time-frame and enhance value for its shareholders, customers and staff members.