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Before we address the issue of why you should consider HTMT as their preferred vendor for outsourcing, we would like to address more generic issues, which an organization could consider.

Why outsource?

According to Eric K. Clemons of the Wharton School, there are four benefits to outsourcing.
They are:

1. Lower cost.
2. More flexibility
3. Quicker development
4. Accounting.

In other words, you will incur no overhead costs.
HTMT will provide its own facilities, systems, bandwidth, and so on.
Which can in turn get your product to market sooner and focus on your core competence of addressing and expanding your marketplace with lower costs of operation.

Today, the need to reduce operational and capital expenses coupled with emerging technologies, severe resource shortages and complex regulatory requirements are challenging organizations everywhere to find new ways to operate more efficiently without sacrificing quality...

HTMT is the Answer!

Account Management

HTMT' s dedicated account team works closely with you to identify and integrate the most effective and cost efficient services based on your current environment and future performance needs. An account manager supports you throughout the length of the contract.

Achieve or maintain focus on primary business

With HTMT providing turnkey solutions, clients improve focus on corporate strategies. This ability to directly focus enables our clients to enhance their products, services, and sales with little interference.

Become more competitive in the marketplace

Outsourcing with HTMT enables companies to enhance their competitive edge by providing new products with minimal training, personnel and technology implementation expense, and delay.

Obtain world-class information technology capabilities and resources

HTMT Information Systems infrastructure combines the latest technology and technical expertise to give clients the ability to reduce costs associated with processing, system development, staffing, and training. This will allow our clients to focus time and resources on achieving Information Technology business strategies.

Become more cost-effective and flexible

Cost reduction is directly associated with improved applications development, systems management, and transaction processing. By outsourcing with HTMT, companies can put increased resources towards meeting the company goals, optimizing financial assets and reducing administrative costs.

Improved internal service

HTMT helps improve quality and customer satisfaction by providing a superior level of service to both internal and external constituents.

Maintain a leading-edge understanding of the Health/Life Insurance industry

As the preferred outsourcing partner for a leading insurance firm in the US, HTMT has first-hand operating and management experience in the market it serves. As the philosophy and economics of services and healthcare delivery evolve and impact business practices, the HTMT staff can help clients adapt to change.


  The first truly convergent company in India
  The first to have started a 100 seat call center in India in 1996
  Availability of a rare mix of talent from varied fields of Insurance, Telecom, IT and Customer services
  Experience in working with Fortune 100 companies
  Ability to initiate BPO & Call center project in under 60 working days
  Already successfully running a 180 seat BPO & 240 seat Call center for a US Insurance & Telco both of which is to be soon ramped up to 540 seats
  Successfully running a back office-processing job for one of the largest health insurance companies of US.
  Offers the highest cost advantage due to its location in India
  Services can be provided across the globe because of its global presence

Some more reasons...

  Best Human Resources across various fields available
  Compliance with global quality standards
  Offer the best technology platforms - with support from the IT Services Division for Software and Technology Services.
  Administration of Globally recognized agent training programs
  Have a close working relationship with local Telecom service providers
  Financially stable group operating globally since the last 100 years
  Strong Management
  from IIT, IIM and Best Colleges in India
  Experienced Technology Partners for BPO & Call Center
  Excellent HR Policies